The high capabilities of Filipino engineers, especially IT engineers who make full use of CAD, etc., are not yet fully understood in Japan. Nowadays, Western companies and IT companies in India are all moving to the Philippines and are utilizing these highly qualified engineers. In addition, these engineers take advantage of their high level of English proficiency to foresee the possibility of receiving jobs from countries around the world.
PRII would like to introduce such excellent engineers even at this international level.

“Engineer” are those who have specialized skills in the engineering field. There is a great demand for foreign engineers. Engineers are present in all industries involved in production that produces "things" and "services" such as manufacturing, products and systems, agriculture, forestry and fisheries. The concern for the companies looking to hire talented engineers is about communication. Therefore, PRII will match the excellent engineers with Japanese language training and provide consulting on the recruitment of the most suitable human resources according to the customer's needs.

They can renew the period of stay as long as they are engaged in a professional occupation.

Let us assess your skills and experience.

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PRII will take good care of all workers in Japan.
We think that it is really important to be supportive for the workers in Japan since most of them are experiencing working in Japan for the first time and more, away from their family.

So we will be just near them to support when they need help like going to see a doctor, municipal, bank or any other problems in work or colleagues.