About Us

Philippine Research and Investment Institute is founded with the objective to be an effective means and link towards harmonious partnerships between professionals and companies from Japan and Philippines. We bridge the two cultures through our business consultation and matching that allows them to provide the much needed workforce and asset requirements for their companies. Our mission is to provide consulting to meet the needs of customers through bridging the culture of both countries. And to bridge many talented Filipinos to Japan, where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, as many people as possible to at the same time provide international cooperation to developing countries by utilizing the system for Technical Intern Training Program and other employment consulting.

We are committed to growing our business through embracing technology, developing strong partnerships and by placing the emphasis on providing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Main Office:〒379-2301
Gunmaken Otashi Yabuzukacho 426-1
TEL: 0277-47-6973
FAX: 0277-47-6974

Establishment:May 21, 2012
CEO Akemi Makiyama
CEO Akiko Sasazawa
SSW Supporting Organization Registration

What We Do

  • Consulting with to invite the skilled Technical Intern Trainees to Japan and train them as a good skilled worker.
  • Consulting with the recruitment, employment and management of the foreign engineers.
  • Consulting with the recruitment, employment and management of the foreign specified skilled workers.
  • Providing the information, training, process and documentation for Student Visa
  • Business matching Japanese company to Foreign Company.
  • Consulting to Japanese companies to expand their company in abroad.

Our mission is to constantly explore and significantly connect Japan to the Philippines and to the rest of the world allowing great nations to become allies through business partnerships, dream building and long-term collaborations and skills trainings for a better and brighter future.

Our vision is to become a well-respected ambassadors and resources of Japan and foreign companies for the continuous development and enrichment of human character, culture and relationships.

Company Background

May 2012

Start Establishment of PRII LLC


Start of consulting business for engineers

April 2015

Akemi Makiyama became a Representative
Start of consulting business for Technical Intern Training Program

June 2017

A precision sheet metal company expanded their business to Philippines

August 2017

A precision design company outsourced their work to a Filipino design office

August 2018

Akiko Sasazawa became a Co-Representative

November 2018

Start of consulting business for students

October 2019

Registered as supporting organization for Specified Skilled Workers


Technical Intern Trainees Apprx. 290
Engineers Apprx. 253
Specified Skilled Workers Apprx. 30
(As of March 2023)